Problem gambling homelessness

Problem gambling homelessness other gambling cities in nevada

By showing that this population is vulnerable to gambling addiction, the study should encourage homeless services to include questions about gambling in their assessments.

The aim homelessess the research is to provide front line homeless workers with better tools to identify and combat gambling related problems, and porblem ultimately reduce the impact of gambling on homelessness. The Connection St Martins. The causes of homelessness in later life: A new instrument for the identification of pathological gamblers. However, the glitz and glamour of gambling seen problem gambling homelessness adverts and in movies is far removed from the reality of a gambling addiction.

A study in the UK establishes that homeless people are ten times more likely to be problem gamblers than the population as a whole. This study provides evidence that problem gambling is a significant public health issue among the African-American homeless population. Homeless clients are nearly nine times more likely to have a history of problem or pathological gambling than the general population, a new.

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